5 Beauty Habits to Break

Posted by Bry on 7/9/2012 to Tips and Hints
Beauty habits are an ever-evolving thing. Every couple of decades introduces brand new ways of beautifying ourselves while we bid adieu to other habits. It is time once again to review which beauty rituals shall stay and which shall be tossed out now that we are well into the 21st century. Considering revamping your routine if you still practice any of the following beauty clichés:

1. Cold Cream
Thereís a good chance that any woman who still applies synthetic creams to her face has learned to do so by her grandmother. Smearing a thick lather of unnatural cream to your face at night was considered the most effective way to fight wrinkles during the 1950ís and 1960ís. Incredibly, the practice even seeped into the 70ís, 80ís and 90ís. However, it is time to lay this practice to rest once and for all. Switch that old cream for organic lotions and balms, and serums full of nutrients that will truly bring your skin back to life.

2. Tanning (Without proper protection)
Remember the days when women lathered up with baby oil and literally baked in the sun for hours on end? Well, for some women, that is still an ideal summerís day. We all know better by now. We know that skin cancer is a deadly and mostly avoidable side-effect of a deep suntan. Todayís sun is stronger and more dangerous than yesteryearís sun. Protect yourself if you tan. Think sun-kissed, not sun-beaten.

3. Low-waist Jeans
Yes, this is more related to fashion than to beauty routines, but it must be discussed nonetheless. Just about every jeanswear designer has made low-waist jeans their number one selling jean. But low-waist jeans don't look good on everyone. This leads to infamous "muffin top" effect. You've seen it, and I know you don't like it.

4. Hair Bleaching Kits
The reign of home hair-lightening kits is over, thankfully. Bleaching products produced many orange-colored hair-dos when brunettes wanted desperately to be blond without a costly trip to the salon. There is simply no easy or cheap way for a girl with naturally dark hair to become blond without the help of a professional.
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