Finding Realistic Beauty In the Mirror

Posted by Bry on 7/12/2012 to Tips and Hints
When looking at the pages of a fashion or celebrity magazine, do you get discouraged with your own appearance? Models and movies stars always look put together, stylish and sexy... right? Not really.

The stars are professionals.

Models, singers and actresses make tons of money by looking great. Although they must have talent as well, a big part of their occupations is to keep up appearances. These ladies have an entire army of folks to help them look amazing. They employ personal chefs, trainers, stylists and even nannies that help them avoid the spit-up stains on their shoulders.

Most of us don't have access to a team of make up artists to help us look good. Most of us are just trying to do our best with the few minutes we have before heading off to work. Sure, looking fabulous is important, but none of us have the time these celebrities have -- their job is to look good. We'll be lucky to balance work, parenting, paying bills, taking the car for an oil change and the millions of other tasks on our plates. Apples and oranges, ladies.

Photoshop can make anyone look great.

Graphic artists touch up the majority of photos in celebrity magazines. This fact means that the pictures that may make you feel so ugly are not of real people at all. Additionally, these photos seldom catch the stars when they have a bad cold, are tired or in a grumpy mood. Therefore, if you look in the mirror in the morning and see red-rimmed eyes with bags underneath them, that is okay. Most of the stars probably look the same first thing each day.

Be proud of your own look.

Several studies have been conducted about attractiveness. The consensus of most of them is not that attractiveness is innate. These studies have found that most of the things that make a person attractive or unattractive have to do hygiene, fashion, a reasonable standard of fitness, good posture and smiling. In other words, for most people, whether or not you are attractive has more to do with things that you can help rather than the things that you can't help. And to help you help these things, Crave Beauty has a wide range of natural and organic products that will have you feeling fresh and looking beautiful. Even by Hollywood's standards. Enjoy!
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