Humidity - my nemesis

Posted by Administrator on 8/18/2011 to Crave Obsessions

Humidity - My Nemesis

Humidity is a horrid little bastard who's only goal in life is to ruin my day by making my hair both limp and frizzy, neither being an attractive thing.  I search high and low to find ways to defeat him, I sometimes win in the Michigan summers, but always lose in the North Carolina summers. I think you can hear NC humidity snickering when I unpack my precious battle ready products.

Here I present to you the honorable weapons that help in this epic battle:  Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum. An oldie but goodie, this helps a lot in the war on frizz, but can make limpness worse if you should err and apply to the roots of your hair. If you stick to below the roots it will help a lot keep hair frizz free. This stuff is available just about anywhere and lasts a long time as you use very little.

Basically any serum that coats the hair will help lock out humidity. Blow has a product called Weather Girl climate Serum which fly's out of our warehouse and over to the East & West coasts like little soldiers off to do battle. It too is a serum and used sparingly helps fight the good fight.

In the abject failures column, the much anticipated Living Proof Frizz line does not live up to it's high expectations for me personally, although I was practically drooling into my laptop when it was released. I though mankind had found the answer thanks to the scientists at MIT, but it is not the answer for me, (small sob).

UPDATE: Latest object of desire for me is the Super Skinny line by Paul Mitchell, this turns my hair into - well hair as we all wish it was. It does not weigh it down, but creates smoothness and the appearance of healthy, glossy hair. As an added benefit it also dry's hair quicker, and anything that allows me another five precious minutes in bed gets my vote.

STOP THE long suffering UPS delivery chappie has just dropped off some new offering from Living Proof - I refuse to believe they cannot help me - it must be because I have not tried hard enough. So I now have items from their new-ish Full and Straight lines, I see no reason these two cannot live compatibly on my head. I will report out very soon on if I can now die happy with full, voluminous, non-frizzy hair.

We welcome any wisdom out there from our similarly challenged soul sisters!

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