Naturally Bright and Cheery for Summer

Posted by Bryan on 6/29/2012 to Tips and Hints
Bright berries and glistening corals subtly scented and in cute modern packaging seem to be hottest buys for summer make up. The trend seems to be strongly leaning towards favoring naturally-sourced color pigments, emollients, flavors, and fragrances over traditional synthetics. New technology has enabled scientists to discover natural and safer alternatives to harmful preservatives like parabens and pigments, as consumers are better educated about the real dangers of using products with carceinogenic ingredients and have been paying more attention to labels than ever before.

Cosmetics with natural ingredients satisfy customers who want safer products without having to pay a premium for organic products. The difference is that while organic means sourced from plants which have been grown without use of pesticides and herbicides, natural is a broad term that just means non-synthetic.

Lipsticks that glide on in semi-sheer tart berry tones are all the rage. Out with the waxy artificial strawberry taste and in with natural vanilla, mint, and citrus, they are safer to ingest and serve as a gentle reminder to reapply. Modern lipsticks come in many forms, from conventional twist base solid sticks to liquid colors to jelly glosses, they are easier to apply and help keep lips moist. Jojoba oil, honey, and aloe vera are used in place of petrolatum as gentle skin conditioners. Mica, natural fruit colors are used in red pigments instead of lead. It is so much fun having a few of every kind of lip color in your purse and switch them up according to your mood and attire.

Summer shades for eye make up are shimmery and bright. Pearlescent powders catch and reflect the sunlight so colors look more vibrant outdoors and subtler indoors. Mixing and blending seems to be very much on trend and there are so many variations to a single color. Eye shadows come in several forms from solid cakes to liquid and mousse the latter two for easier blending. Modern shadows contain botanical extracts for smoother application and better skin protection.

Face make up foundations in mineral powder form is getting more popular. Made from finely milled natural stones and sterile earthen compounds, these powders emerge soft, provide natural sun protection without SPF additives, and have a universal appeal. Perfect and soothing for people with sensitive skin, rosacea, scars, acne, and other flaws. As a little goes a long way, a single tub will outlast a tube of liquid foundation of the same weight. Mineral foundations are safe to sleep in, won't clog pores nor stain clothing they can be worn all-day and can be removed easily with a regular facial cleanser.

Without further ado, grab your favorite swimsuit, apply natural make up, and have fun in the sun!
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