One Love Organics

Posted by Joe P. on 4/25/2012 to Crave Faves
One Love Organics is a company that is focused on providing customers with healthy organic beauty products. Eco-friendly, ethical and organic products are good for your body and the environment. High-grade quality ingredients go into every product One Love Organics offers. You know that when you use their products, you are getting something that works and feels great to use. All One Love Organics products are preservative free.

Choosing products without chemicals and preservatives is important. They dilute the formula and make it less bioavilable for your skin. Instead of getting what you are paying for, you get a product that doesn't really do what it is intended for. One Love Organics uses no water. This means instead of a diluted cleanser, you get a full-strength cleanser. This helps products last longer and work better. You see results faster since only pure ingredients are used. Organic skincare starts with carefully selected ingredients.

One Love Organics has a scrub & masque, foaming cleanser and brightening serum. Each product is handmade off the coast of Georgia in the United States. Real ingredients are the core focus of each formula. Natural ingredients soothe irritated skin to reveal brighter and healthier skin.

The serum is a multi-tasking waterless formula that is 100 percent pure potent ingredients. Since these products are high in antioxidants, they also fight aging. Softer and brighter skin is possible with One Love Organics products. Organic skincare is more popular than ever. It offers clean products with no added junk. It's safe, effective and leaves the skin more beautiful than before.
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