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Posted by Joe P., on 2/20/2012 to Tips and Hints
In daily life, there are any number of reasons to seek out perfume oils. You can incorporate scented oils, as well as natural essential oil scents and designer scents into any number of aspects of your everyday existence. Scents can strongly influence mood and sense of well-being so it is good to find scents that please you, and with the great variety available, you are sure to find one, or many more than one, that will please you and your nose.

Perfume oils and designer fragrances can be added to potpourri that has lost its original scent, thus reinvigorating and recycling otherwise good potpourri. Sometimes natural essential oil scents can be used as mild tonics and pain relievers such as when you have a headache. Gently massaging a dab of diluted rosemary or lavender to the back of the neck to help ease headache pain.

If your carpet has a not so fresh scent, you can add lemon, pine or rose geranium perfume oils to the carpet bag. Douse a cotton ball with one of the scents and place it inside the bag so, when you sweep, it will mingle with the carpet.

Designer fragrances in perfume oils such as lavender and tea tree oils, combined with diluted almond oil, can also be used to hasten the healing process of cuts and abrasions.

Peppermint is one of the classic natural essential oil scents used in helping to alleviate an upset stomach. A simple drop in a glass of water helps.
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