Three Steps to Healthy Hair: Cleanse, Condition, Cut

Posted by Bryan on 8/3/2012 to Tips and Hints
In order to have healthy hair, you need to take care of it. There are three main things to do to keep your hair healthy: cleanse, condition, and cut.

Cleaning your hair is essential for healthy hair. When you clean your hair, youíre ridding your scalp of any dead skin or accumulated oils. Itís best to use a mild shampoo so your scalp doesnít get too dry. Check our our list of shampoo faves here: shampoo.

Also, donít go overboard when you blow dry your hair. Excess blow-drying can dry out your hair and scalp leaving it brittle and unmanageable.

Conditioning your hair helps keep your hair soft and moist and also gives your hair some protection against the elements. For a full list of our favorite conditioners, see our hair conditioners page. What you need to look for is a conditioner that matches your hair type. In other words, if you have dry hair, the conditioner you use should be for dry hair; oily hair, conditioners for oily hair; etc.

Cutting your hair every 6-10 weeks is also essential for healthy hair. This gets rid of the split-ends and helps to keep your hair looking good.

If you follow these simple hair-care steps, your hair will always be healthy and you can be certain that it will always look good.
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