Volume - the hunt continues

Posted by Administrator on 7/24/2011 to Crave Obsessions

Volume - The hunt for this elusive creature continues unabated.

Volume, how I hunt for thee. No expense has been spared in the crusade for dependable, lasting volume but it remains tantalizing, and just out of reach. Below are some products I reach for every morning, but the hunt for bigger is better continues... Stay tuned for new discoveries.

In the winners circle for hairspray are: 

Nick Chavez Amazon Hair Body Building Spray. This really does deserve an award for service to womankind, it never feels stiff or tacky and gives plenty of ooomph wherever it is sprayed. I rarely repeat products preferring to believe in the next best thing - but this is an exception, I have left cans of the stuff in my wake. I get mine from Ulta or Folica.com.

A new discovery is Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray. This is fairly new, but I like it, gives a stiffer feel to the hair than the above product but sometimes a girl needs that to make it through the day.  Available at Aveda salons nationwide. 

Also winners in the hair spray award category is Ojon Volumizing Extra Hold Hiarspray, and our very own Blow Out Non-Stick Hairspray, a truly revolutionary formulation that we adore. Vogue seems to agree as they named it one of the 5 best hair-sprays evah. Not bad press for the great people at Blow, the New York Blow-Out Bar.

The Blow Up line of volumizing products is a good protocol to use, building on a shampoo, conditioner, volumizing spray and finishing with a quality hairspray is the best tactic to use if you are serious in your quest, I still firmly believe that big hair IS good hair by definition. 


I like mousse or foam type styling products also on top of a volumizing spray, there are good ones in regular rotation in my bathroom from Frederick Fekkai and Nexus, a gel I really like is by Shu Uemura and is called Fiber Lift Protective Volumizer. It is a clear gel and I reach for this on days I have to achieve my best hair. 

I am currently unwrapping very exciting products from the Living Proof FULL line, the all important volumizing spray, which I have come to think of as an essential step for lasting volume. We shall see how this one performs. I also purchased the mousse but first impressions were that this felt sticky in the hair making it harder to style, but I shall press on bravely and experiment. Full report forthcoming!

GO forth and volumize people, and please let us know what treasures you find!
Lori Date 7/14/2011 9:04:00 PM
Blow - Blow up thickening mist is fantastic. just a couple sprays, blow dry a bit and I have volume!! Nothing has ever worked like this
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